Palm Crosses Standard size – Pack of 50


Pack of 50 handwoven Standard Palm Crosses

Size approx 15x26cm / 6″ x 10.5″, weight approx 125g per pack

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Palm crosses Standard Size are handwoven from branches of the dwarf Palm hyphaena coriacia which grows wild in the Masasi area.

Palm Sunday is the last Sunday before Easter and signifies the start of Holy Week in the church calendar. Churches all over the world hand out Palm Crosses as they remember the story of Jesus’ Triumphant entry into Jerusalem. As the story of Jesus travelling on a donkey into Jerusalem is recalled, the use of the palm cross is a symbol of the palm branches laid across the road by the gathered crowd.

The palms are cut, dried and then cut into strips before being plaited.

Each Palm Cross Measures  Approximately 15x26cm / 6″ x 10.5″

They are 100% natural, and bio-degradable

By buying African Palms, you will be giving extra work to people whose only other source of income is the sale of their cashew nuts which is not very much.

They will use this money to buy things like salt, soap and to cover transport costs to the nearest medical centres.