APA Is the charity formed in 1985 (no 291988) The charity owns African Palms Ltd who covenant any profits each year into the trust. The aim of the trust is to support education and healthcare in the area where the crosses are made.

Future/ Current Projects:

water project

Completed water project in MlundeMlundeWater project

At present the APA is working to get clean water supplies in each of the eight villages where the Palm Crosses are made. This is a big project!
October 2017. We have completed clean water supplies in three villages, Lumesule, Mlundemlunde and Mpeta.

Clean water supplies for the 8 villages where the Palm Crosses are made.
Support for training 2 students in environmental studies.


Special Needs Department of Masasi Primary School

Masasi primary school has about 1000 pupils, of these 70 are in the special needs section, many are albinos with sight problems. African Palms funded the construction of a new toilet block, and a further grant of £2216.00 was given for equipment. In July 2016 we visited the school and found the toilet block completed but not yet in use.

Water project for Misechela Village

Funding was provided to try and complete a water pipeline project which had stalled a year earlier. The aim of the project is to provide the 1508 Misechela villagers and other nearby vilages with clean and safe water.

Marumba Village, Bore Hole, Beekeeping and Goat Rearing project

A project which TDT (Tanzanian Development Trust) Pays 40% and a European Charity pays 60%. TDT had run out of money so African Palms paid £3100.00 to continue the project. This is one of the villages where Palm crosses are made.

Reroofing the sisters house at Mtandi

We funded a new roof for the sisters house at Mtandi. In July 2016 we visited the site with Bishop James and found building work well under way.

Recent Projects:


Rondo tree planting project

African Palms provided £5769.00 to help plant 12,000 trees and plants in an area where ‘slash and burn’ agriculture had been the practice. Slash and burn basically means felling the trees on one plot of land, using it, then abandoning it, and then moving on to the next plot, not the best practice environmentally.

The project was visited autumn 2017 and the trees were flourishing.

Operating Theatre At Lulindi

Early construction work

Operating theatre view 1

Operating theatre view 2

Dr Lawi Issa had asked for funds to build a new operating theatre at Lulindi Health Centre. He was carrying out operations using a kitchen table in a room that had a curtain for a door.
The project was completed late 2016.

Mnyambe Dispensary
The New Building

The Mnyambe dispensary serves six villages in the area. The government had started work on a new outpatients department, which was left totally incomplete. The dispensary applied for funds to complete the project. African Palms provided £13,000.00 to complete the project.
We visited the project in July 2016 and found it very near completion.

The New Building

Mothers At Clinic


We have provided funds towards 3 projects organised by the Britain Tanzania Society.
1) £5300 to complete the Miungo water project in the Mtwara region.

Collecting water now

Digging Trench for the pipeline

The project was completed in 2014.
The water project has been a big success! On a recent visit villagers told us how it had changed their lives. The headmaster of the local school told us how it had made a big difference to children’s education because children were now able to attend school instead of having to go and collect water.
In 2015 funds were provided to extend the pipeline to Chipinpinbi.
Local children at one of the water points
Local children at one of the water points

Carrying the water a much shorter distance!

Another water point

2) £7000 towards the Matongo Dispensary project in the Mara Region.

Building work for dispensary

Borehole to provide water for dispensary

Completed and water supply completed in 2014.

3) £11,000 to complete the fundraising for the FGM safehouse in the Mara region.

FGM Safehouse
Safehouse near completion October 2014

The safe house was completed in 2014 in time for the’cutting season’ and 134 girls were saved. A vocational training centre was given the African Palms name.”

Outside the safehouse
Outside the safehouse

Inside the vocational training centre
Inside the vocational training centre


APA funded a project to build a hostel for 20 secondary school girls in the grounds of the convent at Mile Sita. The hostel was completed and opened in 2015 and has been a great success.
The girls are really well cared for and supported by the sisters.

Girls standing outside hostel
Girls standing outside hostel


Dining Hall
Dining Hall

Girls at hostel


In 2012 £30,000.00 was given to the Tanzanian Education Authority, and 500 desks were made at Ndanda by local carpenters, for 12 schools in the villages where the palm crosses are made.

Desks being unloaded
Desks being unloaded

Desks Arrive!
Desks Arrive!

Taking the desks into school
Taking the desks into school


Officer Masasi recording books before distribution
Education officer in Masasi recording books before distribution

In 2011 £45,000.00 was given to the Tanzanian Education Authority who bought required textbooks for 156 primary schools in the Masasi area.

Pupils of Mkuti primary in a happy mood after receiving books
Pupils of Mkuti primary school holding books from African palms

Pupils of Mkuti Primary holding books from Talbot
Pupils of Mkuti primary school holding books from African palms


In 2010 £3500.00 was sent to the Masasi Eye Clinic for medical supplies.


In 2008 £34562.00 was given to the Tanzanian Education Authority for books.