We have provided funds towards 3 projects organised by the Britain Tanzania Society.
First one, funds of £5300 to complete the Miungo water project in the Mtwara region.

A man at Mtwara region collecting water on bike
Collecting water
A man at Mtwara region collecting water
collecting water
a group of men digging a trench for the pipeline to building a water pipe at Mtwara Region, south Tanzania
Digging a trench for the pipeline

The project was completed in 2014.
The water project has been a big success! On a recent visit, villagers told us how it had changed their lives. The headmaster of the local school told us how it had made a big difference to children’s education because children were now able to attend school instead of having to go and collect water.

In 2015 funds were provided to extend the pipeline to Chipinpinbi.

African Palms

The aim of African Palms is to give people living in a very poor part of Tanzania the possibility of earning some extra money. The people’s daily work is the planting of maize, millet and some ground nuts to feed themselves and their families.
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