Update - 2022 -

A further £17,000.00 of funds were sent towards the end of 2021 to finish construction of  the project and to buy essential medical supplies to get the dispensary up and running. The project is now completed. It has been named after Alan and Shirley Talbot!

The Grand opening

The Rondo dispensary is a diocese of Massasi dispensary, which serves the 7 villages of Mnara, Mitango, Chikombe, Ligana, Ntene A, Nitene B, Mtakuja and Mkanga.

Diocese of Massasi Dispensary

3 major objectives were identified by the Diocese to improve the Dispensary.

  1. Waiting mothers house. Maternity Unit.
  2. Medical waste incinerator
  3. A Motorcycle to provide transport for medical outreach services

£11,500 in funding was provided to enable the construction of the waiting house, incinerator and purchase of a motorcycle.

Funding has been provided to construct a hostel at Marika secondary School. The Hostel will enable 80 students to be accommodated. It will improve the opportunities of many girls who would otherwise drop out of the education system early. It will be a safe environment which is important.

The government will employ a matron to ensure the project keeps running

African Palms

The aim of African Palms is to give people living in a very poor part of Tanzania the possibility of earning some extra money. The people’s daily work is the planting of maize, millet and some ground nuts to feed themselves and their families.
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