Flooding Masasi Area

In January 2020 the Southern area of Tanzania. £1000 was sent to help with emergency relief.

Covid Training and Supplies.

£6000 was provided for the training of volunteers and supplies. To try and prepare for Covid which was now sweeping the world

Supplies included thermometers, masks, gloves and sanitiser. Volunteers were trained and sent village to village to try and prepare people.

A further £5750 was provided in May to improve some of the previously funded water projects at Mlunde Lunde and Mpeta.  This investment would keep the projects going and by installing pumps, make them safer in terms of Covid.

Rondo Junior seminary donation £7000

Rondo seminary faced many problems including covid and flooding.  The Bishop of Masasi personally asked for help in getting the seminary up and running again, which was provided.

African Palms

The aim of African Palms is to give people living in a very poor part of Tanzania the possibility of earning some extra money. The people’s daily work is the planting of maize, millet and some ground nuts to feed themselves and their families.
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